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This is a service door NOT certificated.

The door is composed by two principal elements, the frame and the leaf and is a three pawls door

The frame is made by ā€œLā€ shaped profile in carbon steel or stainless steel (AISI 304; AISI 316) and is welded on bulkhead.

The leaf is composed by one sheet of carbon steel or stainless steel (5 mm thick) without insulation. The leaf is equipped with a gasket and has a central reinforcement. The leaf has two handles, one for the lock and one is a pawl handle that also drive the other two pawls.

Leaf and bulkhead are joined by 3 hinges that are bolted on bulkhead and welded on leaf.

The door is provided with stainless steel lock case, that can be only mounted on opposite side.

As optional leaf can mount a circular window and can be certificated with watertight certificate, and/or weathertight certificate.

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