MED and ISO-certified
with our own test location

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MED and ISO-certified
with our own test location
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MED and
ISO 9000

At Het Anker, we take safety seriously, and that’s why we take care of the entire process from design to assembly in-house. By keeping everything under the same roof, we can retain tight control over safety measures at every stage of production.

We even conduct our own research in our state-of-the-art laboratory, where we have access to cutting-edge equipment and technologies. For example, we have a dedicated test furnace that enables us to develop fire-retardant products that meet the highest safety standards.

Ball Drop test

Het Anker Schip windows

Quality control

We ensure that our teams stay up to date on the latest safety standards and our products are always produced in accordance with these standards. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can also provide expert advice on safety-related matters.
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A logical choice

More than 100 years of experience
As a family business, we have been working in the shipbuilding industry since 1920.
We work in accordance with applicable standards and certifications, contributing to safety on board.
Full service
We do everything, from design to assembly, in-house. That’s why every product is customized, and we can offer an absolute guarantee of quality and safety.
Testing and research
We have our own fire testing and research facilities, allowing us to continue developing ourselves and our products.

Behind the scenes
at our factory in

Since 1920, Het Anker has been a trusted name in the industry, starting out as a copper foundry before moving into the historic business premises of the former Anker brewery.

As our focus shifted towards the maritime segment, the name Het Anker (the anchor) became even more fitting, and today we continue to be a major player in this market. In 1953, we relocated to Schelluinen, where we still proudly produce our top-quality windows and portholes to this day.

Products & services

Ship windows
We design, produce, and assemble ship windows for all types of vessels.
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Portholes are made of various materials: steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
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Custom-made glass walls for cruise ships and cargo vessels.
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Fire-resistant, watertight, double doors or sliding doors.
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We supply structural glazing such as windbreakers and windscreens.
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Repair & maintenance
We maintain our products and carry out repairs for ship glazing.
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