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Repair and maintenance

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At Het Anker, we believe that maintenance of our products is just as important as their initial installation. That’s why we offer maintenance services for all our ship windows, portholes, and doors. Our maintenance services are especially popular among cruise vessel owners who appreciate the convenience of having a single point of contact for all their glazing maintenance needs.

Our team of experts will gladly come on board to inspect all the glazing on the vessel, from windows and doors to bathroom mirrors!

Inspections and reports

At the request of clients, we inspect the glass on board.

Drydock and repair

Het Anker can perform repairs on products as part of drydock work & maintenance.

Calamities and emergency repairs

If necessary, Het Anker can make emergency repairs to ship windows, portholes, and doors.

Fixing leaks

Het Anker helps repair leaks around ship windows and portholes.

Replacing exterior glass

Het Anker can replace various types of exterior glass.

Replacing interior glass

Het Anker can replace various types of interior glass.

Certification & quality controle

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At Het Anker, we take pride in our ability to manage the entire process of designing, assembling, and maintaining our products in-house. This unique approach allows us to prioritize safety throughout the process, ensuring our teams stay up to date on the latest safety standards and that our products always adhere to these. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can also provide expert advice on safety-related matters. When it comes to our ship windows, we are proud to hold certifications such as ISO 9001 and Marine Equipment Directive, among others, demonstrating our commitment to safety and quality.

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More than 100 years of experience
As a family business, we have been working in the shipbuilding industry since 1920.
We work in accordance with applicable standards and certifications, contributing to safety on board.
Full service
We do everything, from design to assembly, in-house. That’s why every product is customized, and we can offer an absolute guarantee of quality and safety.
Testing and research
We have our own fire testing and research facilities, allowing us to continue developing ourselves and our products.
Case in the spotlight

Refit in case of a broken structure

When you find out that the structure underlying more than 100 meters of glass walls is tainted, you need to act quickly. This was the case with one of our clients. Within two months, we replaced all the support structures and added new interior work to these walls. Fast and efficient, but above all safe and beautiful again.

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