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Our customers

From cruise vessels to
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For over a century, Het Anker has been a trusted name in shipbuilding, specializing in ship windows, portholes, and glazing. Our high-quality products can be found on cruise ships, seagoing vessels, and luxury yachts around the world.

At Het Anker, we understand that our customers need more than just top-quality products. That’s why we provide comprehensive customer support, including worldwide refit and maintenance services.

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More than 100 years of experience
As a family business, we have been working in the shipbuilding industry since 1920.
We work in accordance with applicable standards and certifications, contributing to safety on board.
Full service
We do everything, from design to assembly, in-house. That’s why every product is customized, and we can offer an absolute guarantee of quality and safety.
Testing and research
We have our own fire testing and research facilities, allowing us to continue developing ourselves and our products.
Case in the spotlight

Replacing 54 windows in three days

A typo?! Definitely not! On a Wednesday night, we received a call from a ship owner, with the following challenge: “As a result of damages, 54 windows need to be replaced and we have to sail again on Sunday afternoon.” After asking three times whether this really was a serious question, we started working. To do this, all the pieces of the puzzle needed to fall into place! Thanks to a great collaboration with one of our glass partners, we were able to inspect and certify the glass as early as Friday morning. This was followed by more than 50 hours of transport, carrying, work and more work, with little sleep. The results were worth the effort! After having replaced all 54 windows, as we were busy loading our tools, the ship’s horn sounded. Right on time!

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